hi, friends

hi, hello.

and welcome to the new blog.

it’s 2015 and I’ve been craving new. craving fresh, new, beautiful things that inspire me something deep. so here I am. I’ve been building this little page for about 2 hours and it’s currently almost 1 am. but this is it – this is where all my words will be. craving new is a new thing for me and I’m not sure where it’s coming from.

with that said, my heart is weeping to leave my old blog. hah. that seems silly, right? but really. that place has been a safe haven to me for years and I don’t know that I am ready to be okay with moving on. like I’ve always been, change is hard and I’m not too much of a fan.

here’s to hoping. here’s to grace. here’s to being inspired. here’s to loving deeply and richly and with all that we have. here’s to life full and hearts awakened.

here’s to us because we’re something special.

onward, we go.


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