meet me this wednesday


I realize and recognize that I don’t know all of you (I think I mean that literally and figuratively). literally in that I have no idea who actually reads my words; figuratively that *fingers crossed* someone I actually don’t know is encouraged by my words and I literally do not know them.

I’ve started documenting my days. in a little notebook, I write down the things that happen and the things that I feel about those things. here is where I’ll dump all that.

for those reasons (me not knowing you + needing a place to dump my notes over), I’ve decided to create Wednesday Introductions. why wednesday? because why not?

I’ll introduce myself to you on wednesdays. I’ll give you snippets into my less-than-perfect life, giving you the way-too-honest version of the things that happen to me + the things in my head + all the feels in my heart. I’ll let you in on this heart of mine.

so meet me this wednesday, the 28th of january. meet me as I burn the -barely- midnight oil, sitting on the floor in my dorm room with way too many things around, no pants on and silence soothing all the tension in my back away. meet me after a busy day that was the good kind of busy. the busy day that makes blogging at midnight a good idea.

meet me where I ate four cookies today, they were all delicious. meet me where I shared teddy grahams with an 8 year old, accepted compliments, and dreamed big of the day where I speak to women on what it means to be brave. meet me here where I realize dreams I didn’t know I had.

meet me after a week of a lot of not feeling good enough – a week of beating myself up. a week of feeling like my inability to complete tasks (my to-do list, being on time to meetings, getting A’s or even B’s on tests) screwed up my whole perception of myself. meet me after long days spent analyzing why in the world I can’t seem to pull it together.

meet me in the prayers spoken over me by sweet friends. meet me in the hugs I felt, the feeling of my back being rubbed by someone who genuinely loves me, the stretch of my morning muscles in yoga at 8am. meet me in the facetime dates because life is really busy.

meet me in the grace that says I am loved and I am enough. meet me in the peace that demands to be felt from that truth. meet me in the middle of this beautiful storm where I am caught between my head and the Lord. meet me closer to Him, that we may see His face more beautifully.

meet me in the taste of trix. meet me in the smooth feel of my keystrokes, though I can barely keep my eyes open.

meet me in the emotional months I’ve had. the months where being a junior in college is literally too much. the months and weeks and days where I leave people and just cry. I get in my car, cry. I go to my room, cry. meet me in this awkward limbo, in-between year because I am certain I cannot do it alone.

meet me here where my hands and my heart are both much too full. where I can’t see the ground, but also can’t feel the storm that should be brewing inside me. meet me here in my little storm.

meet me in the things I tell myself at night, as I tuck myself into bed. meet me in the desperate need to tell those words, “no, you are wrong.” meet me in the need to seek Jesus when the lights turn low.

meet me here, this wednesday.

I think we have to meet people. meet me here because you’ve got to meet people where they’re at. you meet them in their stuff and you love them there. because all we’ve got is this life and today and wednesdays, sweet wednesdays.


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