meet me (a couple hours late) Wednesday

meet me this Thursday (late Wednesday, for the sake of continuing trends).  here in my introduction for this week.

meet me here in this coffee shop.  meet me on my day off because of the snow that we never seemed to get, though I’m not complaining.  meet me in the Black Tiger I ordered (ice cream + espresso + chocolate) because it ROCKS.

meet me in Hebrews 11 where it says that faith is what sustains us, not the strength we can muster up or the validation that the world does or does not give us. meet me there because that’s where I’m clinging.

meet me in the fear that I have for spending Spring Break in Panama City Beach.  meet me there because I need you.  because I’m prone to doubt that the Lord will come through in giving me the money I need because He just gave me a lot for Seattle and because I’m prone to want to run because I’m afraid it’ll be too hard or because I’m inclined to rely on all the strength that I don’t have rather than the power that comes through Him and Him alone.

meet me in text messages from sweet friends that say, “I want to serve you.”  meet me in after-lunch-time, brunch at Waffle House.  meet me in greasy, cheesy hashbrowns with sweet friends.

speaking of friends, meet me there.  in the way that they love me even when I don’t feel like trying to love myself.  meet me in their smiles and in their laughs, in their backrubs and in their little affections.  I must be deeply loved by the Lord for Him to give me sweet things over and over and over, even when I’m really not sweet.

meet me in drives home.  ones that are  hopeful.  ones that’ll be full of prayer.

meet me when I’ve sort of forgotten how to pray.  when I feel bogged down by all my things and the devil does well to make me think that I don’t really know how to do the Jesus thing anymore.

meet me in my anticipation for seeing Lindsey in a week or so for the first time since new years.  meet me there because she knows me well enough and sees straight through all my fronts in a way that nobody else can.

meet me in the days where I don’t feel like I have any words to say.  meet me in the aggravation, frustration, and fear of forgotten words.  when I feel like I don’t know how to write anymore because I can’t seem to just do this.

meet me in Tiny Dancer coming through my headphones.  meet me when it changes to Kiss by Prince and then again to Needle and Thread by Sleeping At Last.

meet me (still) in the emotional days of being a junior; it’s so weird.  like my future is so close but also so far.  maybe you can meet me there because you feel a little displaced, too; like maybe you’re wearing someone else’s clothes, doing their tasks, and trying to accept their things.  meet me where it feels foreign – by it, I mean my life.  it’s weird.  all weird.

meet me in the way I’m learning to worship to things that aren’t worship.  like stomping and raising my hands to Mumford because it does something deep in my heart.

meet me here in all these things because I’m clinging to the season.  one of my strengths in the StrengthsFinder is that I’m futuristic.  that’s great because I can see potential in people and because I have goals, but it also sucks because I am so future minded that I end up only wanting that.

anyway.  meet me here cause I love it all (and here because I’m chanting that so that I can make myself love it, because, to be honest, I don’t).  meet me in the grace I’m trying to give myself.  meet me in believing that my mountains will turn to fields because of who He is.  meet me in believing that I am a chosen one because I don’t feel real choosable. I guess that’s the beauty of it all that – that I shouldn’t be chosen, but I am.

meet me in raised arms because I am choosing to believe in more.  if He can chose me over and over and over, I can choose Him.  and I’m gonna say that til I can believe it all.

meet me when I say “meet me” 33 times because I need a lot of meeting, haha.  I need all the love.  but here’s to love.  because love is worth fighting for and I’m choosing to be in this fight.


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