choosing this life


hi, hi, hi. with all my affection, I say hello. I’m happy to be here right now. it’s been a while since I’ve felt happy about blogging, but yay, I do.

everyday these days, I become a little happier with my life. it’s crazy how that happens. there was this time in high school where I thought I had it all – great friends, the best best friend a girl could ask for, an awesome family, late nights at Sonic, random trips to the beach. I was living, what I thought was, the dream. that time happened again freshman year – I was meeting new people, finding my niche in the world, worshipping a lot, a lot of good things. again, it was my dream. I seemed to have it all.

this isn’t to knock those things.

however, the older I get, the sweeter life gets. the older I get, the more I love the person I’m becoming, the people that surround me, and the life that I’m having. there is something big to be said about creating your own life, rather than waiting to see what falls in your lap. and I, dear readers, I have had a blast creating mine.

and that’s what keeps me going. everything inside of me begs me to cling to this season – this similar season where I’ve got a great job, great friends, all the time in the world, the chance to be young, and all the celebration I could beg for. and while that is both my default and my tendency, to cling to the good seasons, I’m learning that the best really is yet to come, that I’ve only seem a glimmer of what the Lord is doing, and that 20s, 30s, and 40s can + will be pretty great, too.

with all of that said, CRAZYTOWN that I graduate from COLLEGE in less than a year. it’s crazy that I’m old enough and big enough for that. crazy that I can drink wine and cook dinner after a long day at the office. crazy that my niece is five and that my sister is about to start college all on her own (literally that makes me cry) and that my mom is considering new options and that my best friend is gearing up for a big future. crazy that I’ll be done with college in less than a year.

still, I don’t know what I want to do. hahaha. I think I’m beginning to narrow that down – I’ve told a stranger or two that asked what comes after school that I’d like to be a creative director for a church. I’m not totally sure what that means, but I think it might be my dream job. whether or not that’s true, something like a church or a nonprofit sounds most appealing these days.

it’s also crazy that a year ago around this time, I went through the roughest breakup I could imagine. lol. I don’t even really know what to say about that one except good riddance and see ya later.

it’s crazy how time flies. how things change. how life looks worlds different today than a year ago, yet I wouldn’t change a thing if you told me I could. crazy that I would choose this life over that one.

maybe that’s the trick – choosing your life. waking up everyday and choosing to live this life. I believe it’s a choice. I believe it’s one worth choosing. I’ve said before that it’s all about how you choose and I hold to that.

Jesus, help me to choose life – life abundant, life full, life lived well.


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