let’s talk about

let’s talk about the morning. when the world is still sleeping and it is so quiet and mercies are so new, you can feel it in your marrow. let’s talk about the sun rising and the promises rooted in all the small things like the coming of the sun that we tend to take for granted.

let’s talk about sweet words and how they, literally, become a craving. how you ache to be encouraged and to be challenged and how you need for community that does both. let’s talk about conviction. how sweet it is and how hard it is. but oh, it is so, so sweet.

let’s talk about coffee and the way that it slides down your throat. how it is both a comfort and a need. how it is warm and like home. I like to think God likes coffee, too, since reflections of his character are in it.

let’s talk about grace. oh, how I could talk about grace. how it seeks us and finds us. how it is filled with love, so much love, that we cannot even begin to get it. how it pierces into our dark nights just to call us back. how it is laced with forgiveness and covered with adoration. how we could never get enough of it. how even those that do not know the Lord can see it in you if you really try. how deep it is. I think, as humans, we long for something real. and grace is as real as it gets, no wonder we crave it.

let’s talk about sweet reminders. words like “you have a beautiful singing voice. I’ve sat behind you for three weeks and I love it.” and how much of an affirmation that is from the prayer you’ve been praying for five months or so and she has no clue how deeply you needed those words. let’s talk about how the Lord began that five months ago and how he graciously reminds me of that call. let’s talk about the way that all things are knitted together.

let’s talk about creating things. building until your hands have splinters and there’s sweat dripping in your eyes. let’s talk about working hard for the things we believe in. because I believe that that is most worth it.

let’s talk about heart. and how we were designed to reflect his heart. what a privilege and an honor. let’s talk about how unworthy we are of that, yet how adamant he is that we represent him.

let’s talk about sin and the way it so easily entangles. let’s talk about how deeply it hurts the Father. I think that that tends to be lost on us; that sin really isn’t that big of a deal. but let’s talk about how he gave his very own Son to cover that sin. how he sacrificed to let us know forgiveness and mercy and grace and love, the deep, good kind of love.

let’s talk about Genesis. how the Lord created so much, yet how he rested. let’s talk about Adam and Eve. let’s talk about how they hid from the Lord because they had sinned. let’s talk about how we do the same; how we cover ourselves with fig leaves because we are ashamed and guilty and we would rather hide from the One we were designed to know than humble ourselves to seek forgiveness. let’s talk about the fact that, though they were naked and they weren’t supposed to know they were, the Lord sacrificed an animal and made them clothes of skins (3.21). oh, what a foretaste of deliverance in how he would, and does, deliver us.

let’s talk about birds chirping and friendly “hey, how are you”s. let’s talk about random notes in mailboxes and the band of cheerleaders that rallies behind you because they believe in you, even when you don’t quite believe in yourself. let’s talk about the silence and how soothing it is. let’s talk about loud worship on dark interstates and how soothing that is.

let’s talk about love. how foreign, yet how close to home. let’s talk about this world because, while it is plagued by bad, bad, bad, there is still a wonderful amount of good. I think that we have to fight hard to call on the good because all we see is bad, bad, bad, but, friends, it is worth it. let’s talk about fighting the good fight, the one that matters. let’s talk about beautiful things.


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